A Band of Angels

Performance Dates: Nov 16 – Nov 29, 2020
Run Time: 50 Minutes
Best for Ages: 8+
Year(s) Produced: 2005, 2015, 2020
Follow Ella, a pop-culture obsessed teenager living in the present day who is transported back in time to meet the Jubilee Singers and gain a new appreciation for history and education.

About A Band of Angels

Ella is a pop culture obsessed teenager living in present day New York City. One afternoon she is transported back in time to meet the Jubilee Singers, a choir still in operation today that was founded shortly after the Civil War at one of the first schools for freed slaves, and gains a new appreciation for history and education.

Written by Myla Churchill and first produced by New York City Children’s Theater in 2005, the musical includes traditional African-American spirituals and was called “uplifting” and “captivating” by The New York Times.

Winner: 2015 Off Broadway Alliance Award for Best Family Show

“A decade after its debut, the show remains both captivating and thought-provoking” – Mommy Poppins

Show Credits

Written by Myla Churchill
Directed by Colman Domingo
Music Directed by Kristen Rosenfeld
Adapted from the book A Band of Angels By Deborah Hopkinson

Starring (2015 Revival):

  • Bryson Bruce
  • Denielle Marie Grey
  • Sekou S. Luke
  • Cynthia Nesbit
  • Sam Ray
  • La’Nette Wallace

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What Audiences are Saying about A Band of Angels

Captivating and Thought Provoking

A decade after its debut, A Band of Angels remains both captivating and thought-provoking.

The actors’ voices, which projected through the theater, moved everyone in the audience. My son especially loved how they used their bodies as instruments, tapping their feet and swaying to the rhythm. They had people tapping right along with them!

I left the theater feeling not only entertained, but well-informed about a piece of history we all could benefit from learning about.

A Band of Angels is truly a riveting and breathtaking production that’s great for children ages 8 and up, and their parents.

Director Colman Domingo and the entire cast share the beautiful story through an amazing production, and I’m happy that we were able to witness it.

— Nataki Hewling, Mommy Poppins
I Recommend Viewing This Masterpiece

A Band of Angels is the perfect union of education and entertainment.

Rarely am I impressed but I was indeed overwhelmingly content with the finished product. Nesbit is a break out star who keeps the audience engaged.

Director Colman Domingo surely leaves his mark. His choices aid with the cultural mixing of past and present. Normally I would have some kind of note but every move seemed to aid with telling the story in its best form.

There is something for everyone of all ages. The young and the old. … It’s quite the team that New York City Children’s Theater has put together.

I recommend viewing this masterpiece. Prepare to have lots of laughs, possible tear here and there. And be ready to learn but not be bored.

— Jervelle Frederick, Front Row Center
It is for Children and Adults to Enjoy Together

A Band of Angels is a beautiful little show. Like all good children’s theatre, it is not really for children. It is for children and adults to enjoy together.

Treat yourself to this production. Rent a kid if it will make you feel better.

— Tulis McCall, Front Row Center
Thanks for this Inspiring Play!

Thanks for featuring this inspiring play! We took our kids to yesterday’s performance and loved it! The cast was even nice enough to talk with us and take a picture!!

— NYC Mom
An Amazing Production!

A Band of Angels is an amazing production that gave us the opportunity to experience the contributions of our ancestors to the present, and we should honor, cherish, and remember to thrive because we’ve had such a rich history.

— Fourth Grade Teacher
Glorious Music, Emotional Acting, Historical Story and A Powerful Message!

The show was such a wonderful experience with glorious music, emotional acting, and a historical story that combined to convey a powerful message…For much of our hour long drive home [my son] asked additional questions…it was a fabulous conversation that touched on many topics and truly extended what he and I experienced and learned from your performance. I thought you might like to know the positive impact your work and passion you put into it had on us today.

— NYC Parent

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