The Traveler

Performance Dates: April 2021
Run Time: 50 Minutes
Best for Ages: 3–8
A Whimsical Tale of One Man's Journey to Find His Home

About The Traveler

A love letter to modern day immigrants who travel thousands of miles in search of a new home and community, The Traveler is a story of one man who must say goodbye to the life he knows. On his trek, he must face obstacles, build a community, and find himself before he can discover where he belongs.

From the imaginations of celebrated mime Bill Bowers, student of the legendary Marcel Marceau, and director Andrew Frank, comes a silent and whimsical tale of one man’s journey to find a new home.

Show Credits

Directed by Andrew Frank
Performed by Bill Bowers
Co-Created by Andrew Frank and Bill Bowers

Tickets and Showtimes for The Traveler

The Traveler | April 5th - April 18th

What Audiences are Saying about The Traveler

A Delightful Journey Full of Exuberant Surprises

Turns out, while it was indeed “interesting,” it was also immensely joyous, wonderfully heartwarming, and humorous in the most beautiful way.

The best surprise is saved for last, and apparently it’s effect is so powerful that (at least in my performance and the one before it) children from the audience come instinctively to the traveler’s aid. As a long-time theatre-goer familiar with the art of making something look spontaneous when it’s not, I assumed this was a plant. I was wrong. There was simply something so moving in Bowers’ performance that a young child felt drawn to actively participate in his story. If that’s not the only thing better than a standing ovation, I don’t know what is.

— Stage Buddy The Insiders Guide To Theater Reviews
The Traveler is Featured in The New York Times!

Created by Bill Bowers and Andrew Frank for New York City Children’s Theater, the 45-minute play captures the experience of immigrants and refugees who must leave everything familiar to strike out on their own.

— The NY Times
A Lovely Piece for All Ages!

Imaginative one-man show with active miming. We traveled around the world with him to laugh and to learn empathy for others. A lovely piece for all ages!

— Audience Member
Great to be Exposing Kids to Different Forms of Theater

Wonderful; I especially love how my daughter learned how much can be “said” by a single actor with no dialogue and limited props. It’s great to be exposing kids to as many different forms of theater as possible. Very much enjoyed meeting Mr. Bowers after the show.

— Audience Member

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