Alice’s Story

Alices Story NYCCT Anti-Bullying Program

This award-winning anti-bullying workshop was featured on the cover of Time for Kids in October of 2012. Alice’s Story is an interactive drama and workshop designed to help 1st-3rd graders understand and deal with bullying.

  • Target Audience

    1st-3rd grade students

  • Synopsis

    When Deanna spreads a mean rumor about Alice at school, Alice is crushed. Will she learn how to safely deal with bullies, and will Maria, a classmate who witnesses the bullying, come to Alice’s defense? Throughout this interactive drama and workshop, students will explore the themes of empathy, kindness, and community building.

  • How the Program Works

    Two actor-educators visit a classroom and facilitate a 45-minute drama exploring the serious issue of bullying. The workshop includes moments of scripted performance, guided discussion and improvisation.

  • Students Become

    • Audience members…as they view short scenes performed by the artists
    • Critical thinkers…as they brainstorm effective strategies to counteract bullying
    • Actors…as they implement their ideas through role play
  • Goals

    1. To create safe learning environments for all students
    2. To cultivate communities of respect and inclusion
    3. To empower students to be agents of positive change
  • Students Consider the Following Questions

    • What is empathy and how do we show that to another person?
    • What does bullying look like? Does it always look the same?
    • What is a bystander and how can they stop bullying?
    • What should you do if you or someone you know if being bullied?
  • Cost

    Each 45-minute workshop costs $150 and can serve 30 students at a time. You must book a minimum of two workshops.

Add a reflection to your Alice’s Story workshop!

After your 45-minute session, actor-teachers will spend an added 45 minutes with students in a structured reflection session around what they saw, heard and participated in as a class. Students participate in exercises around the new vocabulary learned, including bully, witness, and bystander.

Anti-bullying workshops are available to schools and community centers in New York City and the tri-state area.

For more information and prices, please contact the New York City Children’s Theater Education Department at 212-573-8791 x4, email or just use the form below:

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