Welcome to New York City Children’s Theater’s Creative Clubhouse! 

NYCCT’s Creative Clubhouse is a virtual playspace for kids of all ages that will provide you with activities, classes, and more you can do at home!

Engage Your Imagination Practice Kindness Exercise Your Creativity Participate Stay Curious

Creative Clubhouse Shows

NYCCT is proud to present streams of past shows, introduce you to upcoming shows, and present original online work! Join us to watch some of your favorite shows and more!

The stars of NYCCT’s Taste the Clouds, The Girl and Buddy, read a new book for you today! A huge thank you to the show’s creators, Hit the Lights! Theater Co., for this read aloud!

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Creative Clubhouse Stories

NYCCT loves to tell stories! At Creative Clubhouse Stories join us as we explore books with teaching artist Caitlyn, have storytimes with some of your favorite characters, and more! 

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Creative Clubhouse Activities

It’s time to get creative! Join us daily for an arts activity you can do at home including arts and crafts, theater games, and more! 

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Creative Clubhouse Grownups

Anxiety and uncertainty can be hard for both, kids and adults. Creative Clubhouse Grownups is a place where adults can find resources, support, special events, and a chance to connect with other families.

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Support NYCCT

We need your support now more than ever.

New York City Children’s Theater is committed to not allow the economic hardships that we, like other organizations city and country-wide, are suffering to comprise our commitment to New York City’s children.

Creative Clubhouse Tenets

Engage Your Imagination

Your imagination is EVERYTHING in the clubhouse! From storytime to showtime, your imagination will turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure!

Practice Kindness

The clubhouse is a community, and we want everyone who visits to feel welcomed and supported. This means we need to treat our friends with respect and kindness, always! 

Exercise Your Creativity 

Want to color your dog green? Or pretend to be a llama that flys? We love that! There is no “right” way to do anything in the clubhouse, so do things your way!


At the Clubhouse we LOVE seeing what you’ve created! We encourage you to share your Clubhouse creations with us, and your community, by posting a pic/video on social media and tagging @nycchildrenstheater!

Stay Curious  

The Creative Clubhouse is dedicated to offering you a wide variety of theater and arts based programming – so don’t be afraid to try something new. Let your curiosity lead the way and do something you’ve never done before!