Fair and Square

Students enjoying a Literature at Play residency

Every action comes with a consequence…

Fair and Square is our interactive theatre performance and workshop designed to help 3rd to 5th grade students understand and responsibly deal with conflict.

  • Target Audience

    Third through fifth-grade students

  • Synopsis

    After losing the school spelling bee to Roberta, McKayla accuses her of cheating. When Roberta learns she might lose her award she takes matters into her own hands, placing the two of them in serious trouble. Throughout this interactive drama and workshop, students will explore themes of conflict management, actions and consequences, and peer-pressure.

  • How the Program Works

    Three actor educators visit your classroom and perform a 45-minute interactive drama which explores an incident that occurs within a fictional elementary school. Throughout the drama, highly trained actor educators periodically step out of role and facilitate talk-backs with the students, reflecting on the story.

    Managing emotions in a safe and responsible manner is a skill that can be learned and strengthened.

    Throughout Fair and Square, students will witness important moments in the story where the characters are faced with difficult decisions. Through guided discussions, students will then actively explore the potential dangers of reactionary decision-making, and the consequences of those decisions.

    Towards the end of the performance, students become actors themselves as they take on roles in the drama, collectively determining the outcome of the story!

  • Students Roles

    During the workshop, students function as:

    • Audience members…as they view short scenes performed by the artists
    • Critical thinkers…as they reflect on the scenes and use their own reasoning to draw conclusions
    • Actors…as they implement their ideas through role playing
  • Goals

    Fair and Square has three goals:

    1. To create safe learning environments for all students
    2. To examine reactionary decision-making and the potential consequences of those decisions
    3. To introduce students to skills they can use to help responsibly manage their emotions
  • Questions Asked

    During the workshop, students are encouraged to consider the following questions:

    • What can we do when we’re feeling angry or upset and we want to react?
    • Why is it important to reach out for help when involved in a dispute?
    • How can we manage our emotions while keeping ourselves and others safe during times of conflict?
  • Fee

    $300 per 45-minute in-school workshop

    Each performance can be presented for up to two classes (60 students)

    Must book a minimum of two workshops

Fair and Square

Extend the workshop into a Residency!

A Literature at Play residency, in which a class-chosen book about bullying is adapted into a play, is also available to schools or centers who wish to extend the program.

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