All it takes to change a child’s life with theater is #OneSpark.

#StarttheSpark and provide them with an opportunity to dream, create and become the person they’re meant to be.

Through our Send A Family to Theater and Send a Kid to Theater initiatives, we provide thousands of children and adults the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of theater, at no cost to them.

Send a Family to Theater
Send a Family to Theater

Through our “Send a Family to Theater” initiative, underserved families join us for a day at the theater that includes pre-show activities, a professional performance of one of our original productions, and a post-show talkback. Participants attend free of charge and receive a copy of the book the production is based on, to support children’s further exploration of the subject matter and to encourage families to read together.

Send a Kid to Theater
Send a Kid to Theater

Our “Send a Kid to Theater” initiative allows low-income and Title 1 New York City public schools to bring their students to our weekday performances, free of charge. For many of the students, participation in this program is their first experience attending a professional theater performance. Performances start with a reading of the book the production is based on. After the show, students participate in a talkback with the cast and artists.

What Sparked Your Love of Theater?

When I was little I wanted to be a lot of things: a doctor, a ballerina, a lawyer, a hairdresser, a fashion designer, etc. One day I landed on being an actress and decided that it was a perfect fit because I could be ALL of the things I wanted to be, just on stage! I loved that when I was in or saw a show I could be transported anywhere and become anyone! This is still why I love theatre,  it allows you to walk in someone else’s shoes for a few hours and experience a life other than your own; it opens your eyes and expands your heart.


I developed my love for theatre in the seventh grade. I was always sort of an odd ball, but through my theatre class I started to develop a sense of accepting myself. Theatre welcomed me and ultimately helped me find my voice. Now it’s something I can’t see my life without.


When I was young I was lucky enough to be surrounded by music and theatre in my family. However, I was always very shy and quiet, and I never thought I would want to perform. One year my dad encouraged me to audition for a show with him and it has been love ever since! I found my voice and my confidence in the Theatre and knew I could not live my life without always doing something (anything) in theatre.


I was always incredibly shy. I loved people but I got nervous and felt I couldn’t say anything right when I was around them. In the fourth grade my teacher staged a play entitled “An American Picnic Reunion.” We all played different founding fathers having a reunion together. I played Ben Franklin and knew that theatre was going to be a big part of my life. Theatre gave me a community, a confidence, and a better understanding of my environment and I wanted to continue performing for the rest of my life.


I was 11 years old and I participate in my first theater summer camp. At the end of the summer we performed a show where I got to say some pretty funny lines. After I got my first laugh, I knew I had to keep pursuing performing as a career. The immediacy of an audience reaction was spellbinding. After that experience, I wanted to discover all the ways I could affect an audience. There is no cooler feeling than stepping into someone else’s story breathing life into a new character.


My love of theater goes back as far as a I can remember. A memory which stands out, is my parents giving my sister and me a collapsible stage for puppet theater. We would create intricate stories with our stuffed animals and invite our parents and their friends to the basement for a show. They were very kind and we had a full house every show! I never stopped wanting to do that – soooooo here I am!


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