On June 15th, NYCCT is presenting a Story Time and Music event at Strand Book Store!  We’ll be reading Harvey, the Child Mime and then exploring the story through music and creative play.

Harvey is a child mime. Every day he goes to the docks to perform for the crowds. On this particular day, during this particular act, he must have been performing the very best invisible box he ever had, because two workers at the dock mistook his box for one of their own and loaded him on to a cargo ship! Harvey the Child Mime follows Harvey’s adventure as his invisible box is shipped overseas. He makes friends, teaches life lessons, and even becomes a jelly fish along the way! (source

We chose this book for a special reason – this November is the 5 Year Anniversary of our hit show The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess!

The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess

Our show told the story of Harvey, an amazing kid who doesn’t need much to be happy – just his family and his imagination. When he accidentally gets shipped to Pink Mountain Island (in an imaginary box!), he meets a Princess whose royal family needs a lesson in fun and togetherness. This upbeat musical celebrates what happiness is really all about!

The show featured music and lyrics by “queen of children’s music” Laurie Berkner and was a follow up to our smash hit Wanda’s Monster by Berkner and Barbara Zinn Krieger which resonated deeply with audiences.

After one of the performances families got to meet the cast, have a snack and then watch a short performance from the show’s acclaimed mime director Bill Bowers. They then joined him on stage to play some games, learn some mime “illusions” and have fun all while supporting NYCCT’s Send a Kid to Theater initiative.

The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess is a great adventure!

The Amazing Adventures of Harvey and the Princess starred Sarah Charles, Liam Fennecken, Laura Hankin and Ben Laxton.

The show ran for 31 performances and reached almost 2,000 audience members, including over 550 Title 1 School students who got to see the show free of charge!