Each Student Showed Their Enthusiasm

“The use of video, music and puppets all collectively effectively engaged our students. Each student showed their enthusiasm as Piper was introduced and brought out throughout the performance. The words to the songs were relevant and easy enough for kindergarten students to follow. The melody was light, cheerful and fun for students. The video helped piece the whole presentation together. Embedding Piper into the scenes of the five boroughs and the different experiences Piper had with his five senses helped students with both engagement and understanding of the concepts.

Students were able to actively engage their senses through the act of touching sand and feeling the spritz of water and wind from a mini fan, smelling sachets of different scents, actively participating in creating different sounds (honk of the ferry, sound of a sea gull, sound of waves crashing), etc. These not only helped students participate in the performance but it also focused students on the individual sense being highlighted. The felt board with the “Sense Badges” Piper earned also reinforced each sense.”

– Teacher

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