Literature at Play Workshop

Students were Eager to Participate in NYCCT Anti-Bullying Programs

“Thank you again for facilitating an anti-bullying workshop [of Alice’s Story], where the students were eager to participate and knew that their opinions were valued. I appreciate your presenting on this topic in a peer education format, which exposed the students to several strategies that they consider utilizing when faced with bullying. Thank you again.”

— Parent Coordinator, Harlem Link Charter School

How the Program Works

When Deanna spreads a mean rumor about Alice at school, Alice is crushed. Will she learn how to safely deal with bullies, and will Maria, a classmate who witnesses the bullying, come to Alice’s defense? Throughout this interactive drama and workshop, students will explore the themes of empathy, kindness, and community building.

During the workshop, students function as:

  • Audience members…as they view short scenes performed by the artists
  • Critical thinkers…as they brainstorm effective strategies to counteract bullying
  • Actors…as they implement their ideas through role playing


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