What I Do In ARC by Katherine M.

NYCCT Teaching Artist Katherine gives us more insight into what she does in ARC.

Escape Through Literature by Mackenzie M.

NYCCT Teaching Artist Mackenzie discusses how the books chosen for the ARC programs connect to the students lives. 

Exploring an ARC Book by Ingrid R.

NYCCT Teaching Artist Ingrid takes us inside the classroom as her class explores the book Trombone Shorty.

Education Programs Kids in Theater

Listening: A Teaching Artist Journey by Rae W.

NYCCT Teaching Artist Rae reminds us that kids are always listening with special stories from inside the classroom. 

Sometimes the Play is the Thing by Jessica C.

NYCCT Teaching Artist Jessica reminds us that sometimes the opportunity to share the work that the students created is the most important part of the residency. 

A Play Filled ARC Friday by Sindy C.

NYCCT Teaching Artist, Sindy, reminisces about a special connection she shared with one of her students and her fun-filled Fridays at ARC. 

Understanding Creative Play by Psacoya G.

NYCCT Teaching Artist Psacoya recalls a particularly memorable breakthrough with one of her ARC students. Go inside the ARC classroom…

Imaginative Play | Creative Drama in the ARC Program

NYCCT Teaching Artist, Meghan Grover, takes us inside the classroom to show us how she uses imaginative play to bring books to life for her students!

Meghan’s ARC Experience

Meghan, one of New York City Children’s Theater’s amazing teaching artists, takes us behind the scenes of NYCCT’s ARC training. 

Sara’s ARC Experience

Sara, New York City Children’s Theater’s Education Director, highlights three pillars for supporting our teaching artists in the ARC classrooms.