Behind the Scenes of Schooltime Performances

We took our friends on Instagram inside the school shows of Interstellar Cinderella and The Little Red Fish. Check out the videos to experience the magic!

Behind the Scenes of Interstellar Cinderella

Find out what happened when the cast of Interstellar Cinderella took over our Instagram Story and gave you a behind the scenes look at the show!

My Daughter was Mesmerized and Inspired!

Interstellar Cinderella was amazing! Thank you for bringing the classic fairytale, now with a new age twist, to life for the children. My daughter was mesmerized and inspired!

– NYC Mom on Interstellar Cinderella

Interstellar Cinderella was Out of this World! 

The show was so original and lots of fun! And of course, music by Laurie Berkner, you can’t go wrong. We also saw Wanda’s Monster and The Amazing Adventures of Harvey & the Princess and thought Interstellar Cinderella was out of this world!

– NYC Mom on Interstellar Cinderella

A Charming Production Our Entire Family Enjoyed!

This was a charming production that our entire family enjoyed. It was great watching one of our favorite books come to life on stage – I think that made it more special, and yet there were still plenty of fun surprises. We didn’t know it would be a musical, so we were doubly delighted! The songs were catchy and sweet, and the performers were talented and seemed like they were having fun with their roles. It was a memorable experience, and we look forward to seeing more productions in the future.

– NYC Mom on Interstellar Cinderella

Blast Off with a New Take on a Classic Story

Little Kid Big City says: The future of a good story is safe, with positivity and learning as well as an upgrade to surroundings.

This Story is an Intergalactic, Futuristic Take on the Traditional Fairytale

Space Nation Orbit says: Her story is presented in this fun, easy-to-follow musical that both children and parents are able to appreciate and enjoy.

Finally a Princess Story We can Get Behind!

Finally a princess story we can get behind! Loved the message of female empowerment and aptitude in STEM fields. Thought it was wonderful that the story has Cinderella saying no to marriage but yes to her dream job. Marriage is nice but not the end all be all. The cast was also stellar vocally, especially Cinderella. She has the voice of an angel. Such a joy to watch.

– NYC Mom on Interstellar Cinderella

There’s A Lot to Love About This Cinderella

New York Theatre Review says: There’s a lot to love about this Cinderella. She’s smart, crafty, a problem solver, and more interested in scientific inquiry than getting married young.

A Brand New Way to Watch One of my Favorite Fairy Tales

Kids’ News NYC says: Right from the first song I knew it was going to be a brand new way to watch one of my favorite fairy tales.


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