Taylor McMahon | Ensemble

Born and raised outside Boston, Taylor has always had an itch to entertain. With a strong foundation in all styles of dance, she continues to refine her craft. After high school, Taylor traveled the US with West Coast Dance Explosion and went on to get her Bachelor of Science at Emerson College. While in Boston, she found a new love for theater and immersive art with ToUch Performance Art and the American Repertory Theatre (ART). Since moving to NYC she has worked with lead choreographers Karla Puno Garcia, Stephanie Klemons, and Christopher Gattelli and performed commercially for Samsung, Bud Light, and Dannon Yogurt. She is represented by CESD.
Taylor recently was the associate choreographer with Karla Puno Garcia for the Off-Broadway production of 100 Nights and One Day with Prospect Theater Company. She is currently the Associate Choreographer to Stephanie Klemons for This is Sadie and Rock of Ages at Pittsburgh CLO this summer.
Most of all, Taylor is a storyteller; a person ready to collaborate and create. Thank you to the NYCCT team and Stephanie for bringing me on this adventure!

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from!

I am originally from Peabody, MA – just north of Boston. I grew up there my whole life and still visit often, since moving to NYC two and a half years ago!

Sadie and her fox go on dance adventures underwater, in the jungle and more! I wish I could dance on the moon! It would be out of this world to see planet Earth from out there — not to mention dancing with zero gravity would be a cool feeling!

If I received wings like Sadie, I would fly to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I think seeing such great structures built by so many generations of people would be amazing. To fly over them and see them from above would be very special.

Fox’s favorite breakfast is pancakes – mine is an omelette. I usually add lots of vegetables, yum! I love to eat them because you can add lots of different ingredients, depending on what you’re in the mood to eat. This is making me hungry!

My favorite children’s book is The Giving Tree. The simple illustrations and overall message to give and care for those who give and care for you is so important! Spreading kindness is something I try and do every day (and you should, too).

Three things most people would be surprised to learn about me are: 

1. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old.

2. I have traveled to almost all 50 states!

3. I used to work in a research lab!

This is Sadie is a great way to discover or rediscover your sense of imagination and play. It is a wonderful way to connect with the ones you love, in a way that is entertaining, engaging, and overall joyful! It is a show that we hope families leave feeling inspired to integrate into their everyday lives.