Thank you to Playbill for interviewing Laurie Berkner and providing a sneak peek into one of the songs she wrote for our current intergalactic musical Interstellar Cinderella on their website!

You’re obviously an accomplished songwriter. What’s the biggest challenge of writing for a children’s musical as compared to writing children’s songs?
Laurie Berkner: It’s much more of a challenge to write songs where I have to also include the necessary elements of writing for a musical. For example, I have to be thinking about advancing the plot, devising lyrics that capture the voice of the character who is singing, and creating a melody or harmony within the range of whomever will be performing it. Luckily, I also enjoy having those parameters. It can be really fun to work within some kind of structure, rather than just having a completely blank slate in front of me when I start writing.

While Interstellar Cinderella is for older children (no longer toddlers), it is still geared towards a young audience. Why do you love writing for kids? What keeps bringing you back to writing for that audience?
Berkner: I think it’s partly because I have a tendency to over-complicate things except when I write music for kids. That’s when I try to look at the world more like how I remember seeing it when I was younger—a little more simply, a little more directly, and with the excitement of experiencing things for the first time. I really love being in that kind of creative space, and I think I write better songs when I imagine hearing them through a child’s ears.

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